Unlimited Taquizas $12 per Person!!

We do: Caterings, Graduation Parties, Weddings, After Parties, Divorces, School Events, Sporting Events, and Corporate Events. In and around Saint Louis, Missouri.

For private events: $12 per people unlimited food, our minimum is 60 people, 2 hours of service 60-80 persons, 3 hours service 81-100 persons, more than 101 people 4 hours or more: We requiere 20% booking deposit. (the person who hired us pays for the service) (the price does not include taxes) (Tips are voluntary..

For public events: $ 9 for meal, each person pays for their food. Do we accept cash and credit or debit cart. (the price does not include taxes) (Tips are voluntary) ( for events less than 200 people we ask for a guarantee of $600 in sales, this means that if we sell less than $600 the person who hired us will have to pay the difference to complete our guarantee complete..

The Taquizas start with $600 per 200 tacos, 2 hours service, 2 choice of meats (Chicken) (Steak- carne asada) (Al pastor- marinated pork meat) (Ground beef) or (vegetarian) We requiere 20% boking deposit. (the price does not include taxes) (Tips are voluntary)

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After filling out this form, we will reply in less 24 hours, if we are available for you event, and if a deposit is necessary, we will send you a square link, with the agreement and the payment with credit or debit cart.

We Are Taco Truck STL

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